Regular cleaning and maintenance of the brake system notes

The brakes also clean? Of course! Owners know from time to time replace the brake, but do not know to regularly clean and maintenance of the brake system, the results meet the brake noise, poor braking efficiency, brake gap, brake disc brake quiver, hang doubt when helpless.
Special attention to the following 6 points:
1 clutch, the first look at the engine room storage tank volume, the lack of the clutch can not be separated;
2 brake fluid storage tank as the translucent resin, only if the jar is dirty, wipe with a cloth, you can simply visually check;
3 to the card box, disc brake with cleaner spray roller to remove dust, grease, make the brake sensitivity progress;
4 check the remaining amount of the brake fluid through the display window of the card box, and can also pay attention to the scars of the brake pipe;
5 brake fluid volume and brake plate wear is closely related to the gradual reduction of no doubt, if the rapid reduction, the first to make up after the investigation.
6 the use of the clutch fluid and brake fluid, there is a can spare it.
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