As the "best friend" sound system maintenance is very important

In the car when the car audio system to enjoy the joy and enthusiasm for you, let you in spirit when driving, fuller, more attention to gather. The car stereo system is sure you are the best partner to accompany you to pass the boring time when you are driving a car. Unfortunately, it is often the one you are in the car cleaning is a health dead. Originally car sound system is also needs our careful care of.
Moisture proof and dust proof shock proof
Car audio and other electrical products are the same, can not afford to wet, dust and violent vibration. Some owners when running the most remote love the sound loud, resounding music can drive tired, not knowing the amplitude change of car audio so afraid of suffering.
The sound in the process used to prevent will be passed into the largest volume, the horn coil damage so easily, affect the formation of power amplifier, the amplitude will increase suddenly burned PA. So in addition to prevent sudden changes in amplitude, moist and dust is formed by two major problems with sound, clean indoor car owners, must try not toward the direction of sound perfume and cleaning agent such as liquid spray, dust can sound, with a dry towel may special wipes scrub, clean car the room, the best window for a moment, and then close the window for transpiration after.
Ordinary maintenance is very important
CD on the laser head machine is vulnerable, should point maintenance, disc groove and sound system owners can often use a wet cotton scrub CD panel. In addition to ensure that the host clean, tape and CD discs of the dust will affect the air quality, will form a harm to the sound. CD's laser head in the high-speed operation, the assumption that the dust, so that the laser head against the trajectory, the sound quality will be distorted, and the laser head to form a hazard.
Car sound due to the reasons for the use of the environment, it is usually difficult to reach the role of home audio, car owners also need to take care of the usual. If the car sound not read dish have occurred, indicating the dust on the laser head, the owner can use special cleaning, disk cleaner to clean a CD, then the disc into the disc machine, it can be on the laser head clean off the dust. The owner in the use of sound, the best do not frequently change dish, gently put as much as possible.
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